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NX-API DME For Telemetry

One of the biggest struggles, customers have for using telemetry is around finding the DME path to be configured as part of the sensor and applying logical filters around it. In this post, we will talk about how to find DME path for various objects in the Nexus 9000 system.

Step1 - Enable NXAPI feature

X9k(configure)# feature nxapi


Step 2 - Access NX-API Sandbox

Once the feature has been enabled, try accessing the management IP of the device via https in browser. This will open the NX-API Sandbox.


Step 3 - Select NXAPI-REST (DME) as the Method from the dropdown

Step 4 - Access Model Browser

The model browser option will become available on selecting NXAPI-REST (DME) from the Method drop-down. Below is a screenshot of how the Model browser looks like.

Step 5 - Browse through the DN object path.

On the above shown window, click the Green '>' sign. This will display all the objects under sys root object.

Step 6 - Follow the same process, you can traverse through the path. For Instance, you want to capture discards on interface Eth1/1, then you can browse through the following path: sys/intf/phys-[eth1/1]/dbgIfIn. Under that path, you can query rmonIfIn.discards to get the value.

This path can then be used in telemetry and the filter-condition can be applied on rmonIfIn.discards to fetch event-driven telemetry data.

Model reference for NX-API DME can be found here.

Hope this post was useful.

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